Board Member Review Committee (BMRC)


The purpose of the Board Member Review Committee is to encourage citizens to apply to serve on the city’s boards and committees including requesting applicants to consider other boards or committees than those that they originally applied for, to review and consider available applications when vacancies occur, to consider recommending existing board and committee members to an additional term and to make recommendations to the Mayor as to which applicants to appoint to fill those vacancies.


There will be a total of five (5) members on this Committee. The first member will be one of the sitting City Commissioners, who shall serve as chairman of the Committee, shall serve a one-year term and will be eligible for additional terms. Each one-year term for the Commissioner shall begin on December 1st. This member shall be appointed by the Mayor and be subject to the approval of the commission. The second and third members shall be citizens of Atlantic Beach. They will be appointed by the Mayor subject to approval of the commission. The citizen members shall have backgrounds or experience in committee work or human resources. The citizen appointments shall serve three-year terms which will be staggered and be eligible to serve three (3) consecutive terms.  The fifth member will be the chairman of the board or committee for which vacancy or re-appointment is currently being considered. They shall serve only for those meetings where membership on their board or committee is being considered. The City Clerk shall serve as the Committee Liaison and perform all necessary administrative duties.  The Board Member Review Committee meets when needed.

Minutes & Agendas

BMRC minutes and agendas can be accessed by clicking the following link.

BMRC Minutes and Agendas