Cultural Arts and Recreation Advisory Committee

Also known as CARAC.

The Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of each month to discuss, plan and implement upcoming and past sponsored events.   The meetings are not a town hall setting, however the public is welcome to attend.  

Meetings are held at the Commission Chambers starting April 24th at 6 pm.

CARAC sponsored events include:  Acoustic Nights, Arts in the Park, Bocce Ball, Holiday Artisans' Faire, Jazz Festival, & Songwriters' Concerts.

On this month's Agenda:  Ongoing Business:  Creation Health, Arts in the Park, Bocce Ball, 2018-19 Budget Approval
                                                          New Business:  Contribution Process

Scheduled Meetings ( if quorum is met):  April 24, May 22, June 26, July 24, August 28, September 25, October 23,
November & December meetings combined - Date TBD