Memorial Benches

Photo of Memorial Bench at 10th Street beach accessPhotos of memorial benches at Johansen Park 2018


  • While we welcome memorial benches in some parks, it is unlikely that we will place additional benches at our beach accesses and certain parks, unless we are simultaneously removing one.
  • Please note that there is a supply-chain issue with the benches, and that orders are delayed for more than three months.

Have you seen the memorial benches in one of our beautiful city parks and beach accesses, and wondered how you could get one, too?  In addition to honoring loved ones, these park benches create a sense of community in a public area; make green space more usable to the public; provide a place for tranquil, passive recreation; and facilitate outdoor activities.

The City has a limited memorial park bench dedication program to honor deceased members of our community. Although we would like to honor all special requests, we strive to keep the City's open spaces in as natural a state as possible and minimize the number of manmade structures, and the wording on the benches, including benches. To this end, all requests must be approved by the City Manager's Office.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a memorial bench can contact the City Manager’s Office at 247-5808 or for more information.  Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The City has a uniform standard design that is used for each bench. The cost of a memorial bench varies depending on the amount of engraving requested (cup to three lines). City staff must approve the submitted wording to be engraved on each bench.; generally, the wording should be limited to the honoree's name, years of birth and death, and a kind expression such as "Live Every Day".

The City must receive payment in full before the memorial bench is ordered.