City Commission Civility Pledge

A Pledge for the City Commission of Atlantic Beach

Adopted in 2021

 In order to promote civility and respect in our community (whether in person, media, or online) and to respect the time and availability of our citizens, we will:  

  1. Listen respectfully to people who have views different than our own, be mindful to avoid stereotyping, and not use language that may be insulting or derogatory to others.
  2. Encourage and support efforts to bring people of different points of view together in our community to have civil and respectful conversations.
  3. Execute due diligence in review and research of matters, agendas, and relevant topics and confer with staff regarding such matters before formal discussion in Commission meetings.
  4. Exercise caution in discussing Commission business across online platforms in order to maintain our commitment to transparency, avoid potential Sunshine Law issues, and by favoring publicly-noticed forums, reaffirm the right of all citizens to participate in Commission business.
  5. Make a conscious effort to conduct Commission business promptly and succinctly with a desire to adjourn meetings on a timely basis.