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1. BEACH ACCESS -- The dune crossover was damaged by heavy surf. Who needs to be notified regarding repairs?
2. CITY LIMITS -- Is my property in Atlantic Beach or the City of Jacksonville, and who maintains my street?
3. DITCHES -- Who should I contact regarding debris/blockages in the stormwater ditches?
4. DRIVEWAY -- Do I need a permit to install a driveway? Who do I contact for driveway information?
5. DUMPSTERS -- Who do I contact for information regarding dumpster enclosure and collection service(s) for commercial and multi-family residences?
6. EASEMENTS -- How can I find out if the City has any easements on my property or how wide the right-of-way is in front of my property?
7. ERU's -- What is an Equivalent Residential Unit (E.R.U.)?
8. FLOODING -- My home and street flood. How can the City fix the problem?
9. FLOODING -- Is my property in a flood-zone, flood-plain or flood-way?
10. IMPERVIOUS -- What is Impervious Area?
11. INSPECTION -- Does the City inspect development sites and subdivisions?
12. PAVING -- Does the City re-pave all the streets?
13. PERMITS -- When do I need a Right-of-Way Permit? Who do I contact?
14. PERMITS -- What is the procedure for submitting development plans?
15. POTHOLES -- Who do I contact to report potholes?
16. RECYCLING -- I live in an apartment/condominium? How do I recycle?
17. SANITATION -- My household garbage/recycling and/or yard waste was not picked up. What should I do?
18. STREET LIGHTS -- The street lights are out on my street -- who should I contact?
19. SURVEYS -- Someone placed flags and marks in my front yard. Did the City put them there? Does the City perform surveys to locate my lot corners?
20. TRAFFIC SIGNS -- Who do I contact to fix the traffic sign on my street?
21. UTILITY LOCATES -- Who do I call for utility line locations?