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Can I bring my dog on Atlantic Beach beaches?
Yes. Dogs are allowed on the beach during the day and evening. Dogs must be on leash unless both adult and pet are in the water together (see below). Pet owners must pick up and remove dog waste from beach and dispose of properly.

Sec. 4-25. Leashing.
No dog shall be allowed off the property of its owner unless the dog is fastened to a suitable leash of dependable strength not to exceed twelve (12) feet in length. Such leash must be attached to a fixed object or specifically held by a person capable of controlling the animal. On Atlantic Beach if dog and owner are in the Atlantic Ocean together, the dog shall be allowed to swim unleashed and then immediately put back on the leash before returning to the beach. This does not include walking the dog in the water.
(Code 1970, § 4-4(c); Ord. No. 95-88-33, § 4, 4-25-88; Ord. No. 95-98-69, § 1, 10-26-98)

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