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Atlantic Beach Recreation Survey

  1. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can better serve our residents of Atlantic Beach!

  2. The park(s) I use the most are: (check one or more)

  3. Park Cleanliness

    Please rate the cleanliness of our Parks. We strive to have the welcome feel at our parks. If at any time you feel a park needs immediate attention, please contact the Parks Department.

  4. My Favorite things I do at Atlantic Beach parks: (check one or more)

  5. Other recreational things I'd like to see that are not offered: (check one or more)

  6. What are your favorite events sponsored by the City of Atlantic Beach?

  7. If you are a teen, or have teens in your family, what activities would you be interested in?

  8. How important is it to have parks in Atlantic Beach?

  9. How often do you visit a City park?

  10. How likely are you to visit a City park in the next 6 months?

  11. Do you visit the City of Atlantic Beach website calendar or special events webpage for information on City parks, recreation, and events?

  12. Would you like to receive City of Atlantic Beach recreation and special events updates?

  13. Would you like someone to contact you?

  14. Age groups in your immediate family: (Check all that apply)

  15. Thank you for participating in our survey!

    Your opinion matters.

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