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Request to Volunteer

    Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills and talents, to make new friends, and serve our community by offering to volunteer with the City of Atlantic Beach? We have a number of areas where citizens can make a difference in the lives of children, teens, adults, and seniors.

  2. Explain why you want to volunteer
  3. Volunteers working with children must agree to a background check
  4. List sports interested in volunteering (must clear background checks if working with children)
  5. Preference of Age Group
  6. How many hours a month are you able to volunteer?
  7. You can submit this form directly to the Department of Recreation Programs and Special Events. Please print a copy for your records. Thank you!

    Timmy Johnson, Director
    Recreation & Special Events
    City of Atlantic Beach
    716 Ocean Blvd
    Atlantic Beach FL 32233

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