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Local Business Tax Receipts
If you engage in or manage any business or profession, or perform any occupation within our city limits you are
required to pay a Local Business Tax through the Finance Department. If you have more than one location
or provide more than one service you will be required to pay a Local Business Tax for each location or
service. Also, some businesses will be required to pay a Local Business Tax for each State-licensed professional
working under their business name or at their business location.

Local Business Tax
The tax for most businesses is based on the square footage of the business premises. However, we also have
fixed taxes for individual professions such as beauticians, insurance agents, real estate agents, and other
professions that are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  

Before being issued a Local Business Tax Receipt, your business premises will be inspected by the City’s
Building Inspector and Duval County Fire Inspectors.   

Forms and Checklists:

Use if business is located in a Commercial Location:  
Local Business Tax Application, Commercial Checklist

Use if business is located in your Home:     Home Occupations Application

When you apply...

It will help to speed up the licensing process if you have all the required documents when you submit your

 Check the following list to make sure you have everything you will need. 

  • Exact address and square footage of the business location, and the telephone number, if established
  • Social Security number or business federal identification number
  • Name and address of applicant or business owner/manager
  • Photo identification (Driver’s License or State of Florida ID card preferred)
  • If incorporated, proof of registration with the State of Florida, or
  • Fictitious name registration
  • Health certificate (if applicable)
  • State Certification or registration (if applicable)
  • Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Registration or exemption (if applicable)

All Receipts expire on September 30 of each year. Renewal notices are mailed in August for the following year.
Local Business Taxes not paid by September 30th are subject to penalties on a graduating scale. Half-year taxes are
charged for new businesses that open after April 1, for the remainder of the Receipt Tax year.

Duval County Business Tax
After your Atlantic Beach Local Business Tax Receipt is issued you should contact Duval County at 630-2080 to
obtain your Duval County Tax Receipt.

Home Office / Home Occupation
Atlantic Beach also issues home office/home occupation Local Business Tax Receipts that allow people to 
conduct small-scale home occupations within a personal residence.  A home occupation shall not change the
residential character or exterior appearance of a property, shall not increase traffic in residential neighborhoods
and shall not create any adverse impacts to the surrounding residential neighborhood.  Zoning approval is
required for home occupations.  


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