City Commission

Regular meetings are held in the Commission Chamber at 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except in December. In December, there is only one regular meeting which is held on the second Monday. Please Note: If the second or fourth Monday is a holiday, then the meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

The City operates under a non-partisan Commissioner-Manager form of government.

The City has a five-member Commission whose members are elected by the residents of Atlantic Beach under a staggered term system that ensures a degree of experience on the Commission at all times. The Mayor/Commissioner serves a two-year term and votes with the other Commissioners on all matters brought before the City Commission. The other Commissioners serve four-year terms.

The City Commission appoints a City Manager who serves as the chief administrative officer for the City and who is responsible for enforcing the ordinances and resolutions enacted by the City Commission, overseeing the operations of all City departments and preparing the annual budget for approval by the City Commission. Florida’s Government in the Sunshine law and citizen boards and committees, staffed by volunteers appointed by the City Commission, ensure honest and open government.


Curtis Ford

Mayor - Seat 1


Candace Kelly 2017.jpg

Bruce Bole

Seat 2

Mayor Pro Tem



Seat 5

To find your district number,  please click here to access the Precinct Finder on the Duval County Supervisor of Elections' website and enter your address.

If official correspondence is being mailed, please address it to:
City of Atlantic Beach
800 Seminole Road
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233