Safety, Traffic and Parking Committee Resource Library

This is a compilation of reports, data and communication – all in one place – that we hope the Safety, Traffic and Parking Committee members and the general public deems to be helpful. Please let us know [by emailing or calling (904) 247-5804] if you have any questions or suggestions pertaining to this Resource Library or any of the Committee’s work. (Updated 9-20-23)

-- Kevin Hogencamp/Deputy City Manager



Complete Streets

  1. Traffic-calming plan June 28, 2023
  2. Main Street Traffic Calming 04.05.2023
  3. Main Street - Survey 08.25.2022
  4. Main Street Community Input Meeting Letter August 25, 2022
  5. Main Street Pilot (mini roundabout at Main Street and W. 9th St. & bulb outs)
  6. A&E Engineering Report- Complete Streets Implementation Plan
  7. Advisory Lanes Design- Main Street (Commission asked for additional alternatives)
  8. Main Street Presentation- 01.24.2022 Commission Meeting 
  9. Alternative Complete Streets elements that keep on-street parking
  • Mayport Road safety improvements
  1. Vision Implementation Plan
  2. Traffic Safety Improvements 
  3. East Coast Greenway

Public transportation

  1. JTA programs
  2. Paratransit services
  3. Connexion
  4. Connexion Plus

Roundabout study

  1. 1994 study

Speed limit

Stop sign requests

  • Third Street
  • Fourth Street-East Coast
  • Fifth Street-East Coast



Bike Smart AB

Connectivity Plan

Driver handbook

  • Official Florida driver manual (NEW)

eBikes (micromobility devices, eScooters, etc.)

Mayor’s Council on Health and Well-Being Report

Safe Streets for All Action Plan

  1. Grant application
  2. Overview



ADA/Handicap parking

In Atlantic Beach and in most circumstances in Florida,  people with displayed handicapped-parking credentials are allowed to park for free up to four (4) hours in any public parking space -- in addition to spaces specifically designated for handicapped parking. Parking spaces can be at a premium, so it may be especially helpful to know where the spaces specifically designated for handicapped parking are. In Beaches Town Center, there are three public ADA spaces along the streets of Atlantic Beach. In Neptune Beach, there are nine ADA spaces in Beaches Town Center. Here's a map identifying the locations of those 12 ADA spaces.

Beach accesses

18th/19th Street parking lots 

  1. August 10, 2020 meeting
  2. July 13, 2020 workshop
  3. June 22, 2020 workshop
  4. April 27, 2020 meeting
  5. April 20, 2020 workshop
  6. March 9, 2020 meeting
  7. Jan. 27, 2020 workshop
  8. Dec. 3, 2018 workshop
  9. April 2020 18th Street improvements, opportunities, constraints presentation
  10. Police calls at 18th Street 2017-2020
  11. June 17, 2020 city attorney memorandum re 18th Street parking
  12. February 2019 Parking and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Resource Committee recommendations
  13. Dec. 10, 2018 City Commission staff report regarding  10th and 18th street parking
  14. December 2018 Parking and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Resource Committee recommendations

Citations – 2022

Hanna Park

  • City Commission discussion on promoting public access to Hanna Park May 10, 2021
    1. Because of the challenges of congestion and traffic, lack of adequate parking, and the impacts on neighborhoods and our limited resources in the beach municipalities, the City of Atlantic Beach is asking that the City of Jacksonville recognize the value of promoting public access to Hanna Park for people in vehicles, on bikes, and on foot by:
    2. Providing relief from entry fees for those who have served our Nation in the military, and for those in financial need; and
    3. Installing a bicycle/pedestrian gate at the park’s southwest boundary in Jacksonville, thus promoting multimodal public access to the trail system, park amenities, and beach.
    4. This matter was on the City Commission's May 10, 2021 agenda.

Parking and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Resource Committee

Parking laws/codes:

Parking - Paid

  • COAB website
  • City of Neptune Beach North Beaches Parking Program website
  • Resolution providing North Beaches Parking Program details

Parking Study

Parks Master Plan (updated September 2020)

Shoreline protection program parking eligibility

Duval County beach property owners and visitors have been the beneficiaries of federally funded shore protection projects for decades. Most recently, following back-to-back Northeast Florida hurricanes, the City of Jacksonville and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Jacksonville District expedited beach clean-up, land and sea surveys, contracts, and construction work along the Duval County beach shoreline, including Atlantic Beach. The goal of engineered shore projects is to reduce risk and promote coastal resilience. Shore protection projects help to reduce the damages - economic, environmental, infrastructure, human health and safety - of tropical storms and hurricanes. Thousands of residents and businesses in Duval County benefit from these shore project because storm events erode the beach rather than destroying coastal infrastructure.  Coastal communities with engineered beaches have historically fared much better than other communities as proven by numerous studies. Along with providing economic stability and opportunities, shore protection projects also have inherent benefits in restoring critical habitat for shorebird and marine turtle nesting. The first Duval County project shore protection project was in 1978-80 and since then, seven principal beach renourishment and dune restoration projects occurred, in addition to periodic placement of sand dredged from navigation projects.