Public Records

Pursuant to State Statutes, many municipal records are open to the public and may be purchased at a cost as established by State Statute and the City’s  Code of Ordinances; however, there may be additional charges if the nature or volume of the records requested requires extensive research or assistance by City staff. 

Florida Statutes Chapter 119.07 -  If the nature or volume of public records requested to be inspected, examined, or copied pursuant to this subsection is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by personnel of the agency involved, or both, the agency may charge, in addition to the actual cost of duplication, a special service charge, which shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of information technology resources or the labor cost of the personnel providing the service that is actually incurred by the agency or attributable to the agency for the clerical and supervisory assistance required, or both. 

 Charges based on the combination of our Atlantic Beach  Code of Ordinances and Florida State Statutes:

 8 1/2 x 14 or smaller
         10 cent per 1-sided page
         15 cent per 2-sided page

Larger than 8 1/2 x 14
         25 cents per 1-sided page
         30 cents per 2-sided page

While we prefer to receive requests for copies of public records in writing, all requests will be filled regardless of how they are received. The City may ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner.


  Public Records Request Portal and Forms

                                                      NOTICE OF AGENCY’S CUSTODIAN OF PUBLIC RECORDS

The City Clerk is the  custodian of the official City records. Please let this notice serve as satisfying the requirements of prominently posting the contact information for the custodian of records for the City of Atlantic Beach. 

                                                                     CUSTODIAN OF PUBLIC RECORDS

Name: Donna L. Bartle, City Clerk

Address: 800 Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Phone: 904-247-5809


                                                              CUSTODIAN OF POLICE PUBLIC RECORDS

Name: Gail McGlynn, Records Specialist

Address:  850 Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Phone: 904-247-5867


                                                              CUSTODIAN OF PENSION BOARD(S) PUBLIC RECORDS
Name: Melissa Burns, Director of Finance - Plan Administrator and RMLO

Address: 800 Seminole Road

Phone: 904-247-5807


The City of Atlantic Beach is proud to be a leader of transparency in government and offers access to a variety of records online including the following:





Video recordings of public meetings

City Charter and Code of Ordinances  Please note: New ordinances might not be codified yet.