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Land Development regulations serve as tools to prescribe means and methods for orderly development, thereby regulating the use of private land in the public interest to avoid numerous problems such as life-endangering congestion and lack of essential services as experienced during the chaotic land speculation days of the early 1900s. Likewise, zoning is a legal mechanism employed by local governments to prevent conflicting land use and promote orderly development by regulating the use of privately owned land through enforcement. Generally, land uses are assigned to zoning districts according to type and intensity/density, while site development restricted by defined parameters such as height, lot size, setbacks, bulk/mass, and other development standards and controls.

Sign controls benefit communities in numerous ways, from protecting public health, safety and general welfare to creating a unique community identity, from protecting individual property rights to protecting free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Environmental controls, such as tree and native vegetation protection, add value to the economic, ecological and social aspects of a community.

City of Atlantic Beach Land Development Regulations (Chapter 24), as well as regulations pertaining to the Protection of Trees and Native Vegetation (Chapter 23) and Signs and Advertising Structures (Chapter 17) are accessible by selecting the links below. 

Municipal Code of Ordinances (Links to Municode)

Zoning Map & Land Development Regulations Quick Reference

Residential Design Guidelines (Old Atlantic Beach)

Residential Design Guidelines were developed through a series of public participation events and workshops, as an attempt to define the most desirable characteristics of the community. Elements are thoroughly described and illustrated, and property owners, architects, designers and builders are encouraged to incorporate them into new residential construction. Though the primary focus of this study was the area known as Old Atlantic Beach, the principles examined are appropriate for all residential areas of the City. Links to the guidelines are provided below. Alternatively, printed copies may be requested and purchased by contacting the department.