Community Development Board

Community Development Board

Meets in Commission Chamber, 800 Seminole Road, at 6 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month. The community development board consist of seven (7) members and one (1) alternate member appointed by the city commission, none of whom shall hold any other public office or position in the city, all of whom shall be bona fide residents of the city, and where practical, each shall possess some special skill or knowledge which would assist them in the discharge of their responsibilities.  The alternate member shall be allowed to vote and participate in CDB business subject to the requirements and when called upon by the chair to participate in order to ensure a quorum.  The community development board shall elect its chairman and vice chairman from among the appointed members. The community development director shall act as secretary to the board under the direction of the city manager.

The community development board shall have the power, duty, responsibility and authority to:

(1) Make recommendations to the city commission for the physical, fiscal and esthetic development of the city;

(2) Exercise supervisory control over planning and land use within the city, following the standards established by the city commission pertaining to such planning or land use regulation as contained in the Ordinance Code of the City of Atlantic Beach, Florida;

(3) Recommend to the city commission proposed changes in the land use regulation map of the city;

(4) Recommend to the city commission proposed changes in the land use regulations of the code;

(5) Submit to the city commission their recommendations covering all applications for changes in the provisions of the land use regulations of the city referred to them by the city commission;

(6) Submit annually to the city manager, not less than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the beginning of the budget year, a list of recommended capital improvements which in the opinion of the board, are necessary or desirable to be constructed.  The list shall be arranged in order of preference, with recommendations as to which project shall be constructed in which year, and shall include sources of revenue;

(7) Promote public interest in and understanding of the planning, zoning and beautification of the city;

(8) Meet on a regularly scheduled day each month, and periodically on call, and keep a public record of all its meetings, resolutions, findings and determinations;

(9) Require information from other departments of the city government in relation to its work, which information shall be furnished to them within a reasonable time;

(10) Request additional assistance for special survey work of the city manager, who may, at his discretion, assign to the board members of the staff of any administrative department or direct such department to make a special study requested by the board;

(11) Recommend to the city commission plans for the planning, replanning, improvement or redevelopment of the city;

(12) Recommend to the city commission plans for the replanning, reconstruction or redevelopment of any area or district which may be destroyed in whole or in part or seriously damaged by fire, earthquake, flood or other disaster;

(13) Request the city manager to provide for the employment of sufficient personnel to enable the board to carry out its powers, duties and responsibilities;

(14) To act as a zoning board and to make recommendations to the city commission on zoning applications and applications for exceptions filed in accordance with the land development regulations of the Comprehensive Zoning Code of the City of Atlantic Beach, Florida;

(15) To act as an appeals board or board of adjustment to authorize upon findings of fact minor variances from the terms of Chapter 24, the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the City of Atlantic Beach, as will not be contrary to the public interest and, where owing to special conditions, not self-imposed or self-created, literal enforcement of the provisions of said Chapter 24 would result in unnecessary hardship.

The organization and procedures under which this board operates, its arrangement of meetings, adoption of rules and its method of hearing and acting upon variances, uses-by-exception or other related matters shall be in conformity with the provisions as set forth within Chapter 14 and Chapter 24 of [the] City Code.  It shall be the responsibility of the community development board:

(a) To approve or deny variances in accordance with the provisions of Section 24-64.

(b) To hear and make recommendations to the city commission related to applications submitted to the city for use-by-exceptions, changes in zoning district classifications, and amendments to the comprehensive plan.

(c) In exercising its powers, the community development board may, in conformance with the provisions of this chapter, reverse, affirm or modify, in whole or in part, any previously rendered order, requirement, decision or determination provided such action is based upon new evidence or where it is determined that a previous decision was made based upon inaccurate information.

(d) Rulings and decisions of the community development board shall become immediately effective, unless otherwise ordered by the board.

(e) The community development board shall also serve as the local planning agency for the City of Atlantic Beach and shall provide those functions as set forth in Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, as may be amended.

City Code- Chapter 14- Article II. Community Development Board

City Code- Chapter 24- Article III. Division 2. Sec. 24-47. Community Development Board

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