Patrol and Traffic

Patrol is considered to be the backbone of a police agency because they are the first responders for police service calls. Our officers respond to a variety of calls, conduct traffic control and enforcement, and coordinate efforts with the detectives who are called to follow up. It is supervised by a Lieutenant and four Sergeants. Patrol consists of two squads with two shifts per squad: day shift and night shift.

Patrol Lieutenant Edward Peck. Email Ed Peck

Police Car in Parade
ABPD Officers

The goal of Patrol is to deter crime by being highly visible, to maintain public order, respond quickly to emergencies, arrest criminals, aid citizens, deal with traffic-related issues, and provide safety and security for the community. Our agency employs the strategy of Community Oriented Policing allowing us to partner with the community to creatively solve problems together.

Patrol also focuses on traffic enforcement. We have several officers specially trained in various aspects of traffic enforcement with advanced training in speed enforcement, DUI enforcement, traffic homicide investigation, traffic safety training, bicycle/pedestrian crash investigation and other related traffic safety responsibilities.

Our goal is to reduce vehicle crashes within the city and facilitate the orderly flow of traffic on roadways. Our agency has officers trained in DUI enforcement, utilizing the latest techniques to apprehend drunk drivers. Our officers are outfitted with the latest digital, in-car video systems and radar units for speed enforcement and enforcement recordings.

Police Motor Unit