Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention strategy programs in the country.  It brings the citizens and the police together to deter crime and make communities safer.  The premise of Neighborhood Watch is for the citizens of a community to organize themselves and work with law enforcement to watch out for each other.  The goal is reduce the opportunities for crimes to occur.

No one knows your neighborhood better than you.  You will recognize strangers, strange vehicles, or suspicious activity and can report that to our agency.



What to Look For in Your Neighborhood:

  • Suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities
  • Someone running from a vehicle, home, yard, or alleyway
  • Someone going door to door or looking into the windows of parked vehicles
  • Anyone screaming
  • Vehicles moving at a slow pace without lights
  • Apparent business transactions being conducted from a vehicle.
  • An individual or group of individuals walking/running out of a home or building with property 

How to Protect Your Home and Neighborhood:

  • Make sure you keep shrubs trimmed and maintained for visibility
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting
  • Lock your doors and windows to your home and vehicles
  • Let someone you trust in the neighborhood know when you will be out of town.  Make sure you have mail/newspapers picked up and deliveries stopped so people will not know you are out of town.
  • Make sure you have your yard maintained in your absence
  • Take all valuables out of your vehicle daily

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood or if you have any questions, please contact Commander Tiffany Layson at 904-247-5876 or via email.

If you are going out of town and would like for us to check your property, please fill out the Vacation Watch Request Form and return it by dropping it off, mailing it, or emailing it to Commander Layson.

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