Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at anytime.  They can be caused by extreme weather, infectious diseases, industrial accidents or spills, or by intentional acts.  The very nature of an emergency is highly unpredictable and can change in scope or impact. 

Being prepared and planning ahead is critical and provides you your best change of survival, in the event of an actual emergency. Emergency preparedness should always be considered in the home. The first step is becoming prepared in to find out what can happen. Once you have determined the possible events and their potential in your community, discuss them with your household.  Then develop an emergency preparedness plan together. 

Important aspects of an emergency preparedness plan are:

  1. Create an emergency communications plan
  2. Establish meeting places
  3. Assemble an emergency preparedness kit

If you are interested in an In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness written by FEMA, click here.

Click here for templates on how to create a Emergency Communications Plan.

Click here for tips on proper supplies for an Emergency Preparedness Kit.

The City of Jacksonville's 2022-2023 Preparedness Guide is now available! In an emergency, every second counts. Planning what to do before a disaster strikes provides the best protection for you and your family.