Community Initiatives

The Atlantic Beach Police Department recognizes that we are part of a great community and neither we, nor the community, can fight crime alone. We are committed to strengthening community partnerships, relationships, building trust and working with citizens to improve safety and services.

The Community Initiatives Division includes Community Outreach and Special Events.

Community Initiatives/Outreach plays a critical role in the department's approach to achieving and sustaining gains against crime by strengthening community relationships and trust. We partner with community leaders, civic organizations, neighborhood watch associations, and concerned citizens to educate them on police policies and practices, and to develop solutions to challenges that arise within the city.

Special Events is responsible for the planning and coordination of major planned events requiring deployment of officers, ensuring both public safety and resolving difficult traffic pattern problems surrounding the events. They interact and partner with other city, state, and private entities to provide a safe environment and expedient traffic flows for those in attendance.