Dumpsters and Roll-off Containers -- What is the City Code Requirement?
  1. All Dumpsters and Roll-off containers used in compliance with Section 16-8 must comply with the following standards:
    1. Hours of service will be limited to between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
    2. Dumpsters and Roll-off containers will be labeled with company name and telephone number in a conspicuous place clearly visible and legible.  
    3. The city shall have the right to inspect all Dumpster and Roll-off containers used on any site within the city. Dumpsters and roll-off containers will be kept in good repair and adequately maintained to safely perform the task. In the event any such dumpsters or containers are determined to be unsafe or unsanitary, the owner or contractor shall have them removed from the City within 24 hours. 
    4. No roll-off container used for the collection of concrete or comparable heavy debris, including soil, shall exceed 20 cubic yards in volume.
    5. Roll-off containers shall not be located within the city right-of-way without prior written consent of the Public Works Director.   Roll-off containers may never remain on the paved surface of any road overnight.
    6. All collected material must be disposed of at an approved licensed disposal site.
    7. Dumpsters and Roll-off containers must be covered when being removed from their location and traveling through the city.
    8. All liquids must be placed in a sealed container to prevent spilling onto city streets.
    9. Except as in use with an active building permit, dumpsters and roll-off containers shall not remain on any lot for more than 90 days.
  2. Bag containers placed on City rights-of-way will not be removed by the City’s franchisee. These containers must be removed by the owner’s contractor at the owner’s expense and shall not be stored at the curb for more than 48 hours.
  3. Weather Emergency. When the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center or appropriate weather agency declare a tropical storm warning or a hurricane warning for any part of Duval County, Florida, all roll-off containers and construction dumpsters must be emptied or removed from the site and all bag containers must be removed so that materials do not become airborne during the storm.

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