Water and Wastewater Conveyance Systems

Water is distributed to and wastewater is collected from miles of underground piping and thousands of individual service lines. 

Water Distribution

In the water system, two elevated tanks maintain pressure in the distribution system. Water flows through 89 miles of water main pipe to serve our customers with drinking water and provide fire protection.

Wastewater Collection

The wastewater collection system includes 65 miles of gravity sewer mains, and 29 lift stations that pump wastewater through 12 miles of pipe to the treatment plant.  The lift stations pump the wastewater to a higher elevation so it can continue to flow by gravity until it reaches the final pumps that go to the treatment facilities.

If you have any questions concerning how the water and sewer conveyance system works or experience a sewer back-up, hear a lift station making noise, see a water leak or if your water pressure is abnormally low, contact the Public Utilities Department at (904) 247-5886.

Water Line