Aquatic Gardens-Hopkins Creek stormwater improvements
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Hybrid procedures for hybrid communications media technology quasi-judicial hearings/meetings 
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18th Street Enhancement Project
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Parks Master Plan
Parks Master Plan Project Page

Sign regulations update (updated April 30, 2020) 
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Russell Park basketball courts (updated March 9, 2020)

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Micro mobility devices/e-scooters (updated March 6, 2020)
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East Coast Greenway (updated March 4, 2020)

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South Seminole Drainage Improvements (updated Feb. 27, 2020)
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Comprehensive Plan 2020 (updated Jan. 22, 2020)
Future Land Use Element
Transportation Element

Infrastructure Element
Comp Plan Ordinance 90-20-245


Land Development Regulations (Adopted July 8, 2019)
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Coastal Vulnerability, Resiliency, and Adaptation
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COAB Coastal Vulnerability Assessment Report 
(June 12, 2019)

Facade Improvement Program (Resolution No. 19-13)
Facade Improvement Grant Application
Facade Improvement Program Description 

Mayport Road Public Art Program (Resolution No. 19-14)
Public Art Program Grant Application
Public Art Program Description

Impervious Surface (Ordinance No. 90-19-238)

Presentation to the Community Development Board
Draft Ordinance No. 90-19-238
February 13, 2019, Staff Report
Project Fact Sheet

Transition to Code Enforcement Special Magistrate (Ordinance No. 5-19-68)
Draft Ordinance

Annexation (Proposed)
Presentation from Jan. 12 Town Hall
Map of Proposed Annexation Area
Report on Proposed Annexation Area

Comprehensive Plan Update (Ordinance No. 31-19-12)

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Selva PUDs Rezoning
Ordinance No. 90-19-236 (Creation of R-SM District/Adopted Jan. 14, 2019 Ordinance No. 90-19-237 (Rezoning from PUD to R-SM)/Adopted Jan. 14, 2019
R-SM Project Summary  Draft R-SM Code Language
R-SM/Selva PUDs Comparison Chart  Example R-SM Site Plans

Current Selva PUD Regulations (Covenants and Restrictions)

Selva Marina Unit 9            Selva Marina Unit 10
Selva Marina Unit 10A          Selva Marina Unit 10B
Selva Marina Unit 10C          Selva Marina Unit 11
Selva Marina Unit 12   Selva Marina Unit 12A
Selva Marina Unit 12B    Selva Marina Unit 12C

Selva Tierra

Mayport Road Vision Implementation Plan
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Mayport Business Overlay District (
Ordinance No. 90-17-228/Adopted Oct. 9, 2017)
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Sea Turtle Lighting Ordinance (Ordinance No. 95-17-114/Adopted April 24, 2017)
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