Comprehensive Planning

Previous Comprehensive Plan

The local government comprehensive plan, as mandated by Florida's Community Planning Act (Chapter 163, Part II, Florida Statutes), is to serve as a long-range guide for future growth and development. Additionally, the state requires that local governments conduct periodic retrospective examination of adopted comprehensive plan goals, objectives, and policies in light of new legislation and social, economic, and environmental factors, as well as any other issues of local importance. Currently, Atlantic Beach growth and development is guided by the goals, objectives, and policies set forth in the 2010-2020 Comprehensive Plan, adopted by Ordinance No. 31-10-09 on March 22, 2010.


2020 Comprehensive Plan Elements (Ord. No. 31-10-09, adopted March 22, 2010)

2020 Comprehensive Plan Map Series (Ord. No. 31-10-09, adopted March 22, 2010)