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Enjoy the exhibits at The Adele Grage Gallery (716 Ocean Blvd.) with a  featured monthly artist of photography or paintings of different mediums.  Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (closed 12-1 pm).


716 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach


The Artist Reception will be held on Thursday, October 20th from 6 - 8 p.m.


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Meet the Artist - M.J. HINSON

Mary Joan took painting lessons as a small child, developing a love of oils and the unique pigments they offered.  She continued her studies into adulthood in the United States, Europe, and the Far East, immersing herself in the cultures and the stimulation they provided, after which time she became a Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Florida State College at Jacksonville.  In 2005, she received her PhD and continued to teach and exhibit throughout the eastern United States; 2020 brought a change, however, when she decided to focus solely on her artistic endeavors, and since has produced large-scale murals in the neighborhood of St. Nicholas and the NAS navy base, as well as a solo exhibition at the Goodyear Cottage of the Jekyll Island Resort.

EARTH POWER reflects a world that exists deep in cognitive awareness.   Looking at nature, she sees the organic interaction of color, shape, and form.  The momentary effects of light, air, and water movement are considered when she develops her compositions.  Work is started without a preconceived notion of color or design, and natural rhythms are allowed to take over.  The strokes and hues become defined as deconstruction turns into form.   Contemplation gives birth to concrete images, and unification of chaos is the matter of course.  Formalist attitudes give way to images of our ever-changing environment through visions reflecting its ebbs and flows.  In her mind, art should be beautiful, bring happiness, harkening memories of good times with positivity and love.  To her, it is no more complicated.  It is without judgment or malice toward ANYTHING or ANYONE.  She seeks the brightest, purest colors that she can find; multiple tubes of magenta, scarlet lake, cobalt turquoise, and French ultramarine are included in a palette that applauds a joy of life, nature, and love!   

Technique is critical, and how an artist performs a task is often imperative to the success or failure of a work.  A piece may fail strictly because the technique was faulty.  Close attention is made that every step … every specific step is executed with only the best technique.  The technical aspect of art is often underrated and not acknowledged by patrons and critics alike, but to the quintessential professional artist, it is second only to craftsmanship, which is by far the most important aspect of creating a work that will stand the test of time. The integrity of the craftsmanship can never go unnoticed or unacknowledged as it goes to the longevity and respectability of the work.  In a painting, for instance, the wood of the stretchers is straight and clean from splinters, the canvas is of appropriate weight and tooth, the canvas is assembled, accurately measured, squared, or shaped, the surface is well gessoed and prepared by sanding and/or color priming, the under-drawing, as applicable, is accurate using an appropriate medium, the pigments are the purest and most colorfast available, the application is clean, noting attention to detail, and the final presentation is professionally complete.

Contact Information


Facebook: Brush and Oil by Mary Joan Hinson

Instagram: Brushandoil2019

Linked In: Mary Joan Hinson, PhD


Phone: 904.315.2777

Upcoming Art Exhibits:

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October 2022 - Mary Joan Hinson

November 2022 - Multiple Artists

December 2022 - Razvan Balotescu

January 2023 - Valerie Lamb-Steece

February 2023 - Jessalyn Dattilo

March 2023 - Sally Paulsen

April 2023 - Caitlyn Flynn

May 2023 - Earth Day Exhibit

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Adele Grage Gallery, should contact the Recreation Department at or call 904-247-5828 for information.